Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 34 Stash Report

I'm getting back into the swing of life after my trip to Scottsdale... just in time to take a trip to Tulsa!

I don't have much in the OUT category this time... I finally got back to my machine this weekend, but just about everything I worked on were WIPs that have already been accounted for. And everything in the IN category came from Block of the Week or Block of the Month programs. We're finishing up the Summer Lovin' Block of the Week and received the finishing kit this weekend. Can't wait to finish this one!!

So here are 3 weeks worth of numbers:

Week 34
Added This Week: 6.0
Added Year to Date: 289.50

Used This Week: 0.75
Used Year to Date: 105.50

Net Used This Year: -184.00

1 comment:

Me? A Mom? said...

Okay, I have to delurk to say that you crack me up. If I posted my total yardage weekly my husband would fall over dead -- especially if he saw the amount of fabric coming in going up while the amount being used not, um, going down! :)