Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 19 Stash Report

A day late and no pictures... my computer caught a little cold this weekend, and by the time I got it back up and running last night I just couldn't look at it again. Now I've got to add back in all the pictures I've taken since March (good thing I still have them on my camera!)

What did I work on this week?

Hexagons: I swapped 2.5" fabric squares with a couple of ladies on Flickr... it worked out perfectly... we each cut a couple of Charm packs into fourths and swapped... so now I have lots of different fabrics to add to my Hexagon quilt... I've made my way through Freebrid, Oz, Boutique, Love U, Verna, and Plume... and I'm working on Hunky Dory.

Preschool Back Pack: I'm making a little backpack for Megan to carry her books and toys... maybe Mommy can finally get rid of the diaper bag! There have been a few issues putting it together (I've found 3 mistakes in the pattern... including one part that I had to recut - ugh!!). It will be finished soon, and I'll be sure to share pictures when all done.

Week 19
Used This Week: 2.50
Used Year to Date: 75.50

Added This Week: 0.00
Added Year to Date: 237.00

Net Used This Year: -161.50

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