Friday, April 30, 2010

I {heart} Tula Pink

I've been fairly happy with my Tula Pink stash... there's the Plume fat quarter set hubby got me for my birthday last month... the Nest layer cake I bought when I got back into quilting a few years ago (along with that great fat quater stack I picked up later)... some Neptune for projects long forgotten... a couple jelly rolls of Hushabye I couldn't resist... and I even found a couple charm packs a Full Moon Forest not long ago.

But the one thing missing was Flutterby. And then I found it... a shop with Flutterby charm packs in stock. I couldn't believe it! So I placed an order for a "reasonable" amount. But then I kept thinking and thinking... what about all those poor charm packs left behind... they need a home too. So I called them up the next day - caught my order just before it was packed up and was able to add a few more.

Is your Tula Pink collection missing something? Hurry over to and enter her giveaway... she's giving away one Jelly Roll each Friday for 6 weeks. The Plume giveaway was today, but there's still some great things coming up !!


Leona said...

Do you still have the Full Moon Forest in your stash?

Jenna-Lynn Anderson said...

Do you mind sharing where you purchased Flutterby?