Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 6 Stash Report

So I thought I was going to have my first week without any additions to my stash. And then Thursday arrived...

I started out the day by finding myself near Hancock Fabrics. And since I don't get by there very often I thought I'd stop in just to look. Well, just looking turned into buying 3 yards of fabric - 2 yards of the cutest puppy dog print at 40% off (I'll make something for Megan to wear to the dog show this summer) and 1 yard of a Mickey Mouse print that ended up being about $1.50 (should have bought more of that!!)

And then later that day I got an email that Quilter's Emporium was going to have their annual Fat Quarter sale Saturday. All fat quarters would be $1.25 each (20 FQ min to get sale price.) So Mom and I made plans to go.

I didn't really have anything specific I was looking for - some black and white prints would be nice for another string quilt I want to make - but nothing I really NEEDED. In the end I didn't get and black and white prints, but I did score some goodies!

As I was picking through the tables full of FQs I saw a couple of bundles of Moda's Horsin' Around... all the fabrics from the full line! I figured they wouldn't be included in the $1.25 price, but maybe they'd still be on sale (since most fabrics were also on sale). Mom and I both grabbed a bundle. And imagine how happy we were when one of the store employees walked up to us and commented on what a great deal we were getting with the set. We asked, just to make sure, and sure enough - they were included in the FQ sale! So all together I walked out with 40 FQs (and a pattern.) Now to figure out what to do with it all!

Week 6

Used This Week: 1.00
Used Year to Date: 16.50

Added This Week: 16.00
Added Year to Date: 74.25

Net Used This Year: -57.75


Dianne said...

I'd say that was well worth it! I didn't go to the sale because I really need to work with what I've already got :)

Jennifer said...

lovely selection amber

Cathy said...

Well you really scored....what a great set and price!!! I love what you picked out!