Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 7 Stash Report

Can you believe it? I didn't add any fabric to my stash this week!!

Ok - don't get too excited. I did order a couple of Honey Buns (Neptune!!) last night that should be here next week.

I also made a good dent in my stash with 2 flannel rag quilts for Project Linus.

They both still need to have the seams snipped and be washed/dried and then they will be ready to go into the mail.

The blue quilt is about 40" x 50" and is made from repurposed fabrics. Probably 3 years ago I started 2 baby blankets that never really materalized into anything. I took what coordinated from those 2 blankets (and tossed what I couldn't use), then added in new fabric for the backing. The pink quilt is a little bigger, and uses much bigger squares (8 inches finished vs 5 inches finished on the blue quilt) so it went together much faster.

And I used the Accufeed system on my new Janome 6600P for the first time. OMG - how did I ever sew without that!! I'm in love!!

So here's this week's total:

Week 7

Used This Week: 16.00
Used Year to Date: 32.50

Added This Week: 0
Added Year to Date: 74.25

Net Used This Year: -41.75

And here's what happens when Daddy and a 2-year old pick out clothes...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Dianne said...

Have you free-motioned with it yet? I'm REALLY REALLY seriously looking at this machine...and I'm just so torn as to what to do! Let me know if you do and what you think!