Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!

We had a wonderful December - the trip to Disney World, Christmas, Megan's 2nd Birthday - but I am ready to get back to our usual routines!

Looking over my list of completed projects for 2009, I'm really impressed with all that I managed to fit into a busy year. I'm going to wipe out the 2009 list on my sidebar (and start a 2010 list) so here's a copy of the list for posterity... ha ha ha

2009 Completed Projects
List Takers (Dec); Christmas A-Line & Pants (Dec); Lots and lots of Disney outfits (Nov); Kindel Keeper (Nov); Burp Cloth (Nov); Crayon Apron (Mommy) (Oct); Crayon Apron (Big Sis) (Oct); Nie Nie Skirt (Oct); Halloween Top & Jumper (Oct); Crayon Wallet (Oct); Weekender Tote (Oct); Crayon Apron (Sept); Yellow Apron Jumper (Sept); Blue Molly Top (Sept); Camo Top (Aug); Dinner Napkins (Aug); Felt Letters (Aug); Molly Peasant Top (Aug); Aquarium Top (July); Beach Swing Top (July); Beach New Look 6906 (July); Dog New Look 6906 (July); Burp Cloths (June); Mickey Button T-Shirt (June); Mickey Expressions A-Line (June); Dog Outfit (June); Camera Strap Cover (June); New Look 6906 (June); Butterfly Outfit (June); Chatelaine (June); Pillowcase (May); Patchwork Twirl Skirt (May); Bloomers (May); Easy Fit Pants (May); Fabric Flower Pin (May); Patchwork Hat (May); Disney Top #1 (Apr); 4th of July Top (Apr); Butterfly Top (Apr); Seashell Quilt (Apr); Fatty, Fatty 2x4 Quilt (Apr); Elmo Top (Mar); St. Patrick's Day Top (Mar); Mardi Gras Swing Top (Feb); John Deere Swing Top (Feb); Texas Swing Top (Feb); A&M A-Line Top (Feb); Valentine's Peasant Top (Feb); Circus Top (Feb); OU A-Line Top (Jan); Cat Quilt (Jan); Machine Applique Onesie (Jan)

And I've started my list of projects I'd like to complete in 2010. Most of these are either a WIP or I have at least a majority of the supplies needed:

1. Quilt for Megan's bed
2. Beatrix Potter Wrap Dress & Bloomers
3. Attitude Girls Apron
4. Woodland Delight Miss Madeline Dress
5. Valentine's Day Felize Dress
6. Sock Monkey Top and Pants
7. Coffee Cozy
8. List Taker (for me!!!)
9. Stick Horse
10. Shana Bell Tunic (also for me!!)
11. Cookie Monday Scarf-a-long
12. Nest Mobius
13. Nest Scarf
14. Nest Quilt
15. String Quilt
16. Weeds in God's Garden Quilt
17. Loralie Dog Quilt
18. Charm Skirt & Top with Embroidered Horse
19. Texas A&M Charm Quilt
20. Ruffle Charm Quilt
21. ABC Book for Megan
22. Aline Dress with Ruffled Underskirt
23. Poky Little Puppy Vida
24. Dog Coat from the book One Yard Wonders

WOW - 24 things. And other than Valentine's Day (which I bought fabric for today), this doesn't take into account holidays and other special occassions that Megan will "need" outfits for. Anyone want to take a guess at how much of this actually gets completed by year end? Leave me a comment and maybe I'll have a little giveaway at the end of 2010 for whoever picks the correct number!


Cathy said...

Wow you have accomplished so much and of all different varieties too! I love that you listed out new ideas....I would be too scared to do that in case I failed miserably! It is a great idea though...I would love to be more organized.

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Texas A&M Aggies, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.