Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crayon Aprons & Burp Cloths

I'm knee deep in sewing clothes for Megan's trip to Disney World. So I haven't really had much to show off lately. (I'll save all of the Disney clothes for one GIANT post before our trip - if I'm not sewing the night before we leave - or when we get back.)

I did manage to finish 2 more crayon aprons a week or so ago. One of our local quilt shops - Sunflower Quilts - hosts a monthly Show-N-Tell and I'm going to be showing the crayon apron for November. I already had the cupcake one in Little Sis size, but I wanted to make another one in fabrics from Jill's shop, so I made the Big Sis size in barnyard fabrics.

And you know the saying... in for a penny, in for a pound... well I decided to make one more in the Mommy size so I can show all three sizes in the pattern.

And look at my little ham...

I was trying to distract her one evening while dinner was cooking so I asked her to try the apron on. Well as soon as I had it tied on, she pointed to my camera and ran over to our "picture spot".

And even though I really should be sewing for our Disney trip, I couldn't resist playing with some of the Riley Blake Wanna Be A Cowboy fabrics that came into the shop recently. I made 2 sets of these burp cloths for some soon-to-be-arriving baby boys. I can't wait till I have time to play with the pink colorway and the new Flower Bucket fabrics!

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