Monday, October 12, 2009

Pattern Review - A Thumbs-Up and A Thumbs-Down

After months of having JCasa's crayon wallet in my etsy favorite list I finally purchased it. A few days later I was shopping at WalMart and found a remnant piece of Mickey fabric for a couple of bucks - perfect for the crayon wallet! So as my early-rising child (and I do mean early - like 4:30am) was watching cartoons on a Saturday morning I put this adorable crayon wallet together. What a great pattern! All of the steps are clear and there are pictures for each step. I love this pattern so much that I'm thinking about making them a party gifts for Megan's 2nd birthday party.

I loved the pictures on YCMT of the Weekender Tote so I decided to make it for myself to take to Quilt Market. Maybe this wasn't the best pattern for my first time making a bag, but I don't think I'll try this one again... I found the directions were not 100% clear for all steps (I ended up cutting excess fabric that I didn't need due to some confusion I had in the directions), and I thought my machine was going to revolt with all of the fabric and batting (I ended up not top-stitching the top of the bag becuase I didn't think my machine could handle all that bulk). I do like how the finished bag looks, but it didn't stand up to everything I needed it to do (putting my DSLR in the bag was too much weight for the straps to handle without showing some strain.)

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Sarcastic Quilter said...

tee hee - I just blogged a couple days ago about how I hated bags and here I see your post. I feel your pain sister!