Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Love!!!

Not only have I been able to make some super cute outfits for Megan from the patterns on YouCanMakeThis...

...but yesterday they solved a last-minute gift need!

Hubby called me at work about 2:30 Friday afternoon to let me know Megan had a birthday party to go to Saturday morning. So I was trying to figure out not only what to get a 5 year-old girl, but when I could fit in shopping, when inspiration struck.... check out what's available on YCMT. And there I found the Crayon Apron pattern. I was able to purchase the pattern, print it out, read over all the instructions, and plan out my fabrics all before I left the office for the day (ok - I really should have been working on a Bankruptcy, but it will still be there Monday!) Then after Megan went to bed I put together the apron while watching Eureka and Psych, and still made it to bed on time.

I think the birthday girl liked it! And one of the other moms wanted to know where I had found the apron - guess that's a good sign that someone else thought it was as cute as I did!

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