Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This is a little embarrassing...

I went a little overboard with fabric shopping during July. It seems everywhere I turn, there's a little pile of new fabrics still waiting to be folded and put away... on the dresser, in my Quilter's Emporium reusable shopping bag, stashed in the living room entertainment center, on my sewing desk...

So I sat down and actually counted all the yardage that came in the door. I couldn't believe it when I counted up 46 yards of fabric. But then I remembered another little stash, and the final talley came to....
60 yards

So how did I get to 60 yards in one month? Well...

* 8 yards from Anka's Treasures (2 1-yard pieces and a set of 24 FQs)
* 14 yards from the big Quilts by the Bay sale last week (everything 1/2 price!!)
* 2 yards of MM Ironworks that had been backordered for MONTHS
* 14 yards from a Co-op (all purchased in April & May)
* 3 yards of Jennifer Paganelli fabric
* 1 yard of a cute cat & dog print I bought in Port Aransas
* 3 yards basic dot fabric from JoAnn (I love having this on hand)
* 4 yards of Moda Nest ($3.99 a yard - how can I pass that up! And I'll use it as backing for the Nest quilt I have planned with a Layered Cake I bought earlier this year.)
* 10+ yards worth of fabric in 4 Jelly Rolls
* 2 1-yard pieces of Beach fabric
* And some smaller pieces... a couple of FQs, some 1/4 & 1/2 yard cuts for a couple of twirl skirts

And of all that, the only thing I've used so far are the 2 1-yard pieces of Beach fabrics.

Looks like I need to get some sewing done.

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Cathy said... got most of it on sale so its ok!!!! Some months are the for "rebuilding" the stash...right?
Now where are the pics of all of this fabric....???