Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

I have a completed quilt to show, but I think I'll show it off later this week. By then I should have the binding completed on a second quilt and I can show them together.

So instead I'll share with you my New Year's Resolutions:

Better Health - I haven't yet taken off all of the baby weight (let's not even mention the 20 pounds I wanted to lose before I got pregnant) and I've noticed that lately my asthma has been giving me more problems and my knees hurt. I know what I need to do - I've done it before - I just need to make a committment to myself!

Read More - Looking over my Book Journal for the last couple of years I noticed that I read about 30 books a year. This year I challenge myself to read 52!!! One a week!!! I already have plans for about half the books - HCC Book Club selections (11), books 1 - 6 of the Sookie Stackhouse series (17), book 3 & 4 from the Twilight series (19), Lost on Planet China (20), and the three new books I pruchased today (23). And PaperBackSwap shows I have 65+ books on my To Be Read list.

Complete Projects - Some of these I've already started, some I only have the supplies for... I'd like to say that I won't buy any more fabric or supplies until these are all completed, but I know that won't happen! But I'll as many of these as possible:
  1. Disappearing 9-patch quilt (I have the fabric for the quilt top)
  2. Charm Quilt with Moda Zaza fabric (I have the fabric for the quilt top)
  3. Loralie Dog Quilt (kit I purchased at the 2008 Quilt Festival)
  4. Dog Quilt with Embroidered Dog and Minkey Back (I've collected most of the fabrics)
  5. Weeds in God's Garden Quilt (kit I purchased at a local quilt shop earlier this year)
  6. Fall Lap Quilt (kit I purchased at a local quilt shop on clearence last week)
  7. Fatty, Fatty 2x4 Quilt (the blocks are pieced it just needs to be put together)
  8. Embroidered Advent Calendar (I have the fabrics I just need to purchase the embroidery file)
  9. Tote Bag
  10. T-Shirt Quilt (I forgot about this quilt until I found it in a box last week)
  11. Aprons (the same designer that made the Merry Christmas embroidery file I stitched out last week has a Valentine's and Thanksgiving file that I want to stitch out)
  12. Floral Pin Cushion
  13. Outfits for Megan (OU for next week's bowl game, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras, Rodeo, Easter, P&P Children's Festival, and a December 2009 Disney World Trip)
  14. 2009 Christmas/Birthday Gifts (Megan is going to get a play kitchen so I need to get started on an apron, chef's hat and play food)

And I'll leave you with this from the Today Show this morning - Don't accept NO from someone that isn't empowered to tell you YES.

I hope you have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!!

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