Saturday, December 6, 2008

Vacation Day

I took a much needed vacation day Friday. I've been so stressed from work, and knew I couldn't make it to Christmas without a day away from the craziness.

It was a wonderful day! I got to sleep in an extra hour (to 5:30!!!), got some cleaning done around the house, ran some errands, and got a few things knocked off my To Do list. I even had time to make dinner (ok - it only had 3 ingredients, but at least it wasn't another stop for fast food!)

Gift Quilt
I pieced together the top of the gift quilt that I will need by the end of the month. I loved the fabrics when I picked them out, and then as I was piecing the quilt I didn't like them together. But now that I've been looking at the completed top for a couple of days I like them once again. The finished top is 42.5" x 42.5" - just a little lap quilt. I'm going to use the purple floral for the backing with some of the striped and light blue pieced into it. Maybe next weekend I'll get over to Mom's to quilt it on her Long Arm machine.

Test Bake
Megan's first birthday is at the end of the month and we will be having a cupcake-themed birthday party. I received the Wilton Giant Cupcake pan for Christmas last year, and this summer I bought myself the smaller version that makes 5 individual cupcakes, knowing both pans would be perfect for Megan's party. Ok - is it sad that I was planning her first birthday before she was even here?
A couple of months ago I tested out the small version of the pan. Boy oh boy was it a mess!! I couldn't get the cakes out of the pan. I ended up tossing the entire thing into the trash. So I decided to test out the large pan Friday. And it worked! I quickly covered the cake in a can of purchased frosting before we dug in for the taste test. It doesn't look pretty, but I'm so thrilled that the cake came out I don't care.

After looking at a number of pictures on Flickr I thing I'm going to make the bottom cake chocolate, the top cake yellow, and cover just the top in frosting (homemade buttercream) with my large star tip.

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