Sunday, November 16, 2008

WIP part I

Here are some of the projects that are in some form of completion...

Chris's Duck Quilt
This is so close to being finished! All that's left is hand stitching the binding. When I purchased this pattern at the Houston Quilt Show in 2000 or 2001 I thought it would be simple, after all its just paper piecing. I never looked close to see all of the small pieces until after I told Chris I would make it for him. And now, years later it is almost done. Maybe before the end of the year...

Quilt for a Gift
This quilt will be a gift for someone very dear to my daughter. Of course I have been thinking of making a quilt for this person for some time now, but thought I had a little more time than I actually do. Good thing it looks like it will go together quickly.

Lap Quilt
I purchased this pattern over a year ago with no immediate plans for making it. Then earlier this year my mom and I want to a Fat Quarter sale at a local quilt shop. Their Fat Quarters were 20 for $25 and the quilt needs 20 Fat Quarters... how perfect was that!

Tote Bag
I LOVE Quilts and More magazine. This is the second bag I'll make from the Fall issue.

I just bought this pattern at the Houston Quilt Show. I love the Parlor Pets patterns! At first I thought I would put these flowers in Megan's room, but now I think I might start making them to use in my future sewing room.

Thanksgiving Outfit
I decided last week that Megan needed an outfit for Thanksgiving. I had remembered seeing some very cute Thanksgiving fabrics at the local fabric stores, but when I went back, every store was sold out! What to do? Well of course break out the new embroidery machine and stitch out something for Thanksgiving. Never mind that all the cute designs are applique and I hadn't done that yet. So today I stitched out a test design. Now to pick out a pattern and get to sewing!

Ok - I think that's enough for one day. Some day I'll share the unstarted kits, the patterns that still need fabric, the fabric that still needs patterns, and the ideas that have neither fabric nor patterns yet.

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